Why Dance?

A man watches a group of people moving about the beach in silence.  They seem to be connected to each other in some way, but he doesn’t know how and he doesn’t understand what they’re doing.   He walks towards them and approaches a woman who appears to be a part of the group.  She turns and acknowledges him with a tilt of her head. 

He asks her, “What are you all doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?  We’re dancing!” she says gleefully.

“Just for fun?”

“Why, yes!” she says.  “Just for fun.”

Because it’s FUN

Yes.  To dance just for the sheer joy of it.  Just for the extreme delight and pleasure of moving your body.  Just because it feels good.  Kids understand these concepts with no questions and no problems.  Grown-ups are the ones who usually struggle with the fun factor.  For most young children, dancing doesn’t have to have a reason attached to it in order to engage in it.  Many adults, on the other hand, tend to need a socially-accepted event or situation in order to dance;  a class, a wedding, a bar, a live concert, etc.  They also tend to need other people (and enough of them) to be dancing so they feel they’ll be accepted.   When you dance just for fun, feeling good is more important than looking good.       

Because it’s CREATIVE

Spontaneity.  Imagination.  Possibility.   Being creative isn’t a gift bestowed on but a few lucky folks.  Creativity is inherent in us all.  Whether or not you call yourself an artist, you are creative.   Dance is moving art.  When you dance to express your creativity, authenticity and playful behavior show up big time.     

Because it’s HEALTHY   

Dancing is great exercise.  For strength and stamina.  For flexibility and fitness.  Dance is more than just a physical workout.  It can be an emotional and spiritual experience as well.  Reduce stress.  Release tension.  Rest the mind and let your body move the way it wants.  When you dance for your health, your entire being benefits.

Because it’s ?!?!?

Why do you dance?  Why would you dance?

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Dance provides unlimited opportunities for meaningful and memorable experiences.  I invite you to dance more in your life.  Let me know how I can help you make that happen.

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