Praise from Beach Dance participants…

“Thanks for opening up my heart and mind to dance.”  ~Karen M.

“Beach Dance was truly a magical experience.  I have danced all over the world and nothing can be more beautiful than dancing on the sand with the waves pouring in and the breezes cooling sun-hot skin.  It was especially powerful for me as I had not danced for weeks.  What a glorious place to start dancing again!  Being able to dance in the water with the tiny, waterproof iPods was rather like being in a futuristic science fiction movie, a surreal treat I never would have imagined, but which was sublimely pleasurable.   I highly recommend this.” ~ Pamela Joy

“Sharing crystalline sand and blissful ocean and infinite sky spirit dancing in unity rhythm with beautiful kindred hearts. It’s my sacred temple, my church every Sunday morning these days.  Here I feel  incredible happiness, inspiration, and I am safe to play and be free… There’s nothing quite like it. Beach Dance elegantly integrates some ultimate experiences, my favorite ways to celebrate, orchestrated with intention and pure heart by such a wonderful soul sister Lila. It’s during these times I truly find that magical, timeless, infinite, inter-dimensional space of Transcendence.” ~Zariah Art

“Thank you for creating the music and space that allowed me to experience within myself profound joy, elation, beauty and spiritual awe.  Your passion and dedication to expressive and ecstatic dance has positively changed my life and opened my heart.  I am deeply moved. “ ~Kimberly H.

“If you are curious and get the chance to experience dancing on the beach with Lila, DO IT!  She makes everyone feel welcome, appreciated and special.  There is no pressure to ‘perform’ or dance a certain way.  People of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and abilities are invited into the experience of being moved and moving to beautiful music in a gorgeous natural setting.  You get to feel as one dancing with the ocean waves, the music, as well as with your fellow dancers whether they be a few or many.  It is at once an introspective, and at the same  time, a community experience and is truly transformational.  You will love it and, like me, you’ll want to come and and do it again and again and share the special, sweet experience with all your friends.  I was able to join Lila beach dancing every Friday evening as the sun set in Cannon Beach, Oregon during the summer of 2011 and it was an experience I’ll never forget.”  ~Diane D.

“How I feel about the way you hold space and facilitate Beach Dance…I cannot think of words big enough, beautiful enough, powerful enough to describe you as a group facilitator, spirit guide or visionary.  I am so honored to have danced on the same beach with you so many times.” ~Joe M.


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Amy Ross July 4, 2014 at 12:04 pm

I am truly grateful for EVERY Beach Dance experience! Thank YOU Lila and ALL the AMAZING dancers that come to PLAY, HEAL, LET GO and BE!!

Angeline Longshore June 12, 2014 at 12:54 am

Last Sunday’s beach dance was incredibly powerful for me. I let go of so much that just was not mine to become more of who I am. I love the overall themes that you suggest for each dance session and the perfectly evocative music that reaches deep into my soul in just the right way. I am so grateful for your time, energy and generous spirit donating the hours it takes to do this. This space you create is not only fun and joyful, it is profoundly moving enabling people to do the deep inner work that may not be reachable in any other way. Thank you!!!

Kate May 17, 2014 at 6:56 am

Love the site!

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