Experiences and Offerings

In addition to Beach Dance, there are other ways to play and work with me.  You can attend one of my retreats. You can hire me to facilitate a workshop or special event for your company, organization or social gathering.  You can come and stay at our bed and breakfast, Sojourn Maui.

What’s an Ecstatic Experience?

Working and playing with me may result in the following…

…a feeling of utter joy and delight.
…connecting to what is most true for you.
…profound insights about your own nature are revealed.
…an extraordinary connection with another human being occurs.
…something happens that allows tears to fall or brings about spontaneous laughter.
…being fully and completely present.
…ideas are abundant and inspiration is palpable.
…time is suspended for a few moments.
…being seen for who you really are.
…dancing until your body sweats or your spirit soars or your ego disappears.
…a sensation of being connected to it all.

Who do I like to play and work with? 

Dancers and Shakers.
Dreamers and Risk-Takers.
Beach Lovers and Storytellers.
Adventure-Seekers and Music-Makers.
Nature Enthusiasts and Self-Proclaimed Artists.
Passionate and Expressive Optimists.
Women and Men. Elders and Young.
Leaders, Healers and Spiritual Ones.

Why do I do what I do?

I love to inspire people to move and be moved by their own creative and authentic expression.  Whether I’m facilitating, coaching, or writing, I love helping people experience more freedom and joy in their lives.  I like asking deep questions that make people pause and ponder.  I love hearing and seeing how one’s own brilliance within shows up when a welcoming space has been created for the answers to appear.  I do what I do because it’s the best way I can be of service to others and it makes me feel good.

What might you do?

Introduce yourself.
Call me.
Send me an email.
Come to Beach Dance or one of my retreats.
Hire me to help you create something extraordinary.

Let’s meet and go out for coffee or wine.  I’d like that.


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