On Love and Not Leaving

July 26, 2015

Beach Dancer Amy Ross Beach Dance was bittersweet this morning. It was wonderful to begin the day dancing with twenty-two people and it was heart-wrenching knowing it was my friend’s last Beach Dance as a resident of Maui. Amy is moving off island tomorrow and I imagine it will be some time before she returns […]

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Returning to What You Love

June 19, 2015

Until two nights ago, I hadn’t danced for more than two weeks. At least not in the way I’m accustomed to. I’ve been following doctor’s recommendations and living a more sedentary and mellow existence since knee surgery took place on June 1. This is not to say that I haven’t been moving my body. I’ve […]

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A Change of Plans

May 1, 2015

My plan was to have knee surgery on Monday, May 4. One of my dear friends passed away on Monday, April 27. His celebration of life is on Friday, May 8th along the Oregon coast. And so plans change, as does life from one moment to the next. I have been grieving the loss of […]

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A short sabbatical for Beach Dance

April 23, 2015

On May 4, I’ll be having knee surgery. I’m a bit nervous about it. I’ve only had surgery one other time in my life and because it occurred when I was two years old, I don’t remember anything. I won’t remember much of this surgery either so I’m told. I’ll be under anesthesia for about […]

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Leaps and Bounds!

February 18, 2015

This photo is what success looks like to me; creativity, community, sweet connection with others and with nature.  It has nothing to do with money, competition, advancement or fame.  It has everything to do with love. Beginning in my teenage years and continuing until my early thirties, I had a much different definition of success. […]

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