Heading Home to Oregon

by Lila on August 2, 2016

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I have cancelled Beach Dance events for the next couple of weeks as I am heading home to Oregon to be with my family.

One death was expected. One was not. Both have left all of us grieving deeply, each in our own ways and I, I need to be with them.

I will return to Maui on August 18th and the next Beach Dance events will be on Friday the 19th and Sunday the 21st.




Dancing Into the Depths of the Sea and Me

April 3, 2016

For three months now, I have been dancing into the depths of the sea. In doing so, I have been dancing into the depths of me. Sometimes one has to just be with everything for awhile before words can appear, experiences can be shared and some sort of sense can possibly be made out of […]

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Forever Embedded in my Heart

September 30, 2015

  There are just some dances that stay with you…forever. Beach Dance was brought to the shores of the Pacific Ocean near Monterey, California this past weekend as part of a three and a half day event called Life is a Verb Camp.  Created in 2013 by my friend, Patti Digh, this retreat-like event is a […]

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The Beautiful Thing 20 Beach Dancers did on Maui

September 15, 2015

  This past Sunday morning, the theme I had planned to offer to dancers was Oneness. The music had already been made, the iPods were all fired up and 20 dancers were scheduled to be there. On Saturday night when I heard the news that Northern California’s fires were raging and the flames were headed […]

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Did you know I facilitate two retreats every year?

August 4, 2015

There are many words in the English language I adore either because of their meaning or the way they sound when uttered. Words like soliloquy, ethereal, metanoia and cerulean turn me on because they’re unusual and beautiful.  And then there are those words that are immediately recognized and whose definition seems apparent, but upon further […]

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