Did you know I facilitate two retreats every year?

by Lila on August 4, 2015

DSCF1640-4There are many words in the English language I adore either because of their meaning or the way they sound when uttered. Words like soliloquy, ethereal, metanoia and cerulean turn me on because they’re unusual and beautiful.  And then there are those words that are immediately recognized and whose definition seems apparent, but upon further exploration carry a lot more meaning than the one we’re accustomed to hearing.

What do you first think of when you read the word retreat?

Is your mind suddenly filled with images of luxurious spas, tropical oases and you relaxing on a chaise lounge? Or do you see yourself running away from something you’d rather not confront and finding a safe space in which to hide out in?  Perhaps there was something else you saw in your mind’s eye, but likely the scene that unfolded depended on whether you considered retreat first as a noun or a verb. Of course, the word is used both as noun and verb and I like to combine the two for my own personal definition of what it means “to retreat or go on a retreat.”

To retreat or withdraw into a place, a shelter that offers safety and seclusion for a period of time is to take care of whatever it is that’s beckoning me to follow it. Sometimes I know what is, most of the time I don’t. I  do know I prefer to go on a retreat not because I’m escaping my life, but because something is compelling me to take a closer look at how I’m living my life.

I’ve been attending retreats for the last twenty years and facilitating them for the past ten. They’ve all been different, but there’s been one constant; my desire to retreat. I need frequent designated, intentional time devoted to self-inquiry, exploring deeper connections with others and that sweet space that’s created and held by all that allows unexpected insights to show up and remind me what going on retreat is really all about. It’s about taking care of my being. Whenever I make time to do that, my life is a more beautiful and meaningful experience of living.

I offer two retreats a year on Maui and the next one is October 22-26, 2015.

Whatever it is that’s beckoning you, I hope you’ll follow it. Perhaps attending the next Uninhibited Retreat is one of the ways in which you’ll do that. You can read all about the event/experience here.  If you find something stirring within you after perusing the website, be in touch. I promise it will be a delicious conversation.



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