On Love and Not Leaving

by Lila on July 26, 2015

Beach Dancer Amy Ross

Beach Dancer Amy Ross

Beach Dance was bittersweet this morning. It was wonderful to begin the day dancing with twenty-two people and it was heart-wrenching knowing it was my friend’s last Beach Dance as a resident of Maui. Amy is moving off island tomorrow and I imagine it will be some time before she returns to visit.  While it’s true she is moving and leaving Maui, she’s not leaving our hearts when she goes.

Our playlist began with a poem called Journey from David Whyte. While his poem was lovely, it was the words he spoke beforehand about ‘the necessity of heartbreak’ that love-smacked me and several others today. He said,“There is no direction you can go in life without having your heart broken so you might as well just get it over with. It’s astonishing the amount of energy we put into trying to find a path in which we will be held immune to the losses and difficulties that every other human being has experienced since the beginning of time – instead of understanding that actually the heartbreak’s meant to break you open into a larger dispensation and a larger understanding of yourself. There’s no place you can put your feet in life without going through that necessary initiation.”   

The heartbreak’s meant to break you open. Isn’t that the truth?

I shared a poem of mine before we began dancing this morning as well and was asked to share it here.


You will break many hearts.

Many hearts will break yours.

Breaks create more openings.

What opens up is up to you.

What closes shut is also up to you.

Love doesn’t care if a heart’s open or closed.

Love wants in at all times.

Let love have its way.

There are only so many heartbeats in one life.

You never know when your last one will be.

Love fierce and be honest.

Be kind and forgiving.

Loving and being loved takes practice.

Practice often.

Don’t be afraid that love will forever change you.

Even when a change of heart happens, love doesn’t disappear.

No matter how many times the heart breaks, love is still there.

A broken heart is always whole.

-lila danielle © 2015

The last line of David’s poem was this…“You are not leaving, even as the light fades quickly now. You are arriving.” 

Amy’s not leaving. She’s arriving into the next adventure, the next heartbreak of her life and so are we. And so are we.

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Julie Baldwin July 26, 2015 at 8:49 pm

What a beautiful poem. I love the idea that breaks create more openings. It’s a wonderful and true reminder of how tender we can become when we feel broken open.

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