A Change of Plans

by Lila on May 1, 2015

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My plan was to have knee surgery on Monday, May 4.

One of my dear friends passed away on Monday, April 27. His celebration of life is on Friday, May 8th along the Oregon coast. And so plans change, as does life from one moment to the next.

I have been grieving the loss of my friend this week and I’ve been giving my own life a review of sorts. I called my dad and said I love you. I cried hard while on a massage table and made better friends with forgiveness during a “healing session.” I took a long walk to no where in particular and I’ve drank more in the last few days than I should. I’ve listened to music to soothe my soul and booked a flight to go and gather with Roger’s family and friends to weep and whoop it up together. I’ve begun writing my book.

My knee surgery will now take place Monday, June 1. This means my sabbatical has changed and so has May’s schedule. There will be no events held between the dates of June 1 – 19 and the first post-surgery dance will take place on Sunday, June 21. 

But what about May, you say?  We’ll be dancing all the way up to the day before surgery day.

There will be three Beach Dances this month!  Sunday the 17th, Sunday the 24th and Sunday the 31st. I would love to dance with you this month. I really would.

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