Permission to be BIG

by Lila on July 27, 2011

After being on hiatus for the past two weeks, Beach Dance is back on this weekend.   I just returned a couple days ago from Olympia, Washington where I participated in The Gathering and spent time with friends who love the dance as fiercely as I do.  To be surrounded by so many bodies inside a hot studio (the air conditioner wasn’t working a majority of the time) was both exhilarating and challenging.   The amount of energy that’s created by dozens of people moving around you is palpable and powerful.  I love this.  The heat that’s generated and the space that’s limited can be overwhelming and frustrating at times when there are lots of folks on a dance floor.   I don’t love this so much.  

This is not to say I didn’t have an incredible time.  I absolutely did.   Dancing inside a studio with four walls for three days reminded me how much I enjoy the sweet chaos of dancing in close proximity with others and it also reinforced how much I love the freedom of a dance floor with no physical boundaries.  And so in celebration of being back outdoors, out in nature, out in that enormous space the beach provides us, the theme for Friday night’s dance is “BIG!”  Saturday morning’s theme is always a sweet surprise and this Sunday we’ll be dancing a more mellow playlist of “lightness”. 

Big.  It has a lot of meanings depending on how you define it, use it, dance it, and live it.  If your dance mirrored how you live your life, how big would your dance be?   What might that look like?   More importantly, how might you feel were you to dance as big as you really are?    With no limits, no excuses, and nothing to hold you back, how big could you be?   Unstoppable.   Yeah, we’re going to dance that.

Go ahead.  Be BIG!

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